William H. Radford High School is a Boston area high school featured in the episode "The Reunion Job" on the television show Leverage, its mascot is the Badger.


This was a Roman Room for Larry Duberman, which the Leverage Consulting & Associates team tried to hack.


  • Mrs. Zavransky - Math (Zavransky)
  • Mr. Vocker - History


  • Larry Duberman
  • Mandy Babson (MandyDD) - Cheerleader
  • Emily 38GPA
  • Edna Kasendorf
  • Sharon Wing
  • Danny Stoltz
  • Jennifer Jakubowski
  • Emily Weston
  • Drake McIntye - the alias Nathan Ford uses to place himself in the Class of 1985 reunion.
  • Schmitty - Drake's best friend
  • Mark
  • Grace Peltz - alias Sophie Devereaux created to place herself in the Class of 1985 reunion.
  • Beth Lipton - Drama Club
  • Frank DiNunzio - (243DiNuzio) stuffed Duberman into Locker 243
  • Allyson Kassakian - Drama Club
  • Mark Pareira
  • Nancy (Mark's high school sweetheart)
  • Adam
  • Cindy Taylor?
  • Aaron Ferguson?
  • Patricia Brander (nikename: Pat)
  • Amy Tuttleton
  • Nikki - Alias used by assassin Miranda Miles
  • Nicole V.
  • Nicole Z.
  • Veronica C.
  • Nicole A.
  • Nicole P.
  • Domonique P.
  • Veronica I.
  • Nicole Q.
  • Nicole R.


  • KassakApril was a code that was unexplored.


  • Larry Duberman's locker combination was Left 33 Right 15 Left 06 (L33R15L06)

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