Vista Atlantic Airlines is an International Airline which appears in the television series Leverage.


It is an international airline but most of Vista Atlantic's flights occur domestically. It also does small commuter flights inside of Massachusetts.

Known Domestic FlightsEdit

  • Flight #777: Non stop from Los Angeles International Airport to the Cayman Islands.
  • Flight #411: From Detroit, Michigan to Logan International Airport in Boston
  • Flight #1060: From Boston to Detroit
  • Flight #1833: From Newark, New Jersey to Boston
  • Flight #5877: From Washington D.C., to Boston
  • Flight #4775: From Washington D.C. to Boston
  • Flight #1069: From Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Boston
  • Flight #2988: From Phoenix, Arizona to Boston
  • Flight #8569: From Phoenix to Boston
  • Flight #1720: From Newport News, Virginia to Boston
  • Flight #6211: From Provincetown, Massachusetts
  • Flight #2873: From Saranac Lake, New York to Boston

Known International FlightsEdit

  • Vista Atlantic has an international destination to Bogota, Columbia
  • Flight #2876: From Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Boston
  • Flight #9122: From Toronto to Boston
  • Flight #9182: From Toronto to Boston
  • Flight #3616: From Toronto to Boston

Known EmployeesEdit

  • Unnamed Pilot 1
  • Unnamed Pilot 2
  • Monica - Head Flight Attendant
  • Unnamed Flight Attendant 1
  • Unnamed Flight Attendant 2
  • Unnamed Flight Attendant 3
  • Flight Attendant Alias - (Alias used by Parker)
  • Becky - Flight Attendant


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

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