If you do a search for Leverage wiki, this wiki is in the top 5 results on Google, Bing and Yahoo. The only sites that rank higher are Wikipedia, TNT's wiki and a couple other sites, such as another result on Wikipedia.

I just found out that TNT is shutting down their wiki on July 1st. They are advising people to save copies of the info they like to their computer because the wiki will go offline permanently shortly. They appear to be trying to direct everyone over to their Leverage forums.

TNT would probably not appreciate it if we copied their info into here, but there may be bits and pieces that are worthwhile to preserve. I'm a firm believer in saving information because you never know when it might be taken away from you on the original source.

Because the TNT wiki will be gone in just over a week, there is a great opportunity to build this wiki into a good and reliable source for Leverage info. Wikipedia will always be bigger, but they typically don't have groups of people who can focus on improving the Leverage information like a dedicated wiki can. It's too easy to bounce around to different subjects because they're trying to cover everything, whereas we can just concentrate on Leverage.

So, for the next week, head on over to TNT's wiki, see what's interesting there and save what you can, then think of ways to improve this wiki.

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