As I am new here and have no idea who I would ask about this I will put it in a blog.

Firstly, what is the deal with spoilers? I have seen the spoilers tag on many things from season 1 even. What is considered a spoiler here because I am usually found on the Bleach Wiki and our spoiler policy there is that only yet to be released material from the manga and anime are spoilers. If it has been released then it is no longer a spoiler.

Second, what is with the endless red links. Everything is linked around here but 70% of the things that are linked are non existent pages, hence the red. I have been removing them and linking some to the proper episode but are all of those planned pages? Should I stop removing them?

Lastly, is there a problem with the page creator is that just me. I went to make a page for Archie Leech however when I hit the create new article button but nothing happened

This place is a little less active than I am used to so I will do making this site as good as it can be and hopefully increase traffic--God (Pray) 01:48, July 29, 2010 (UTC)

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