Tobey Earnshaw is a businesswoman whose unnamed father founded the Earnshaw pharmaceutical company to which he remains CEO to this day.


Tobey Earnshaw.

She sought to win a court case against Gloria Vargas who was suing for the wrongful death of her husband, Ernesto who died from a heart attack three years prior to the episode, even at the cost of destroying Gloria Vargas as Earnshaw herself hoped to buy her father's company, having spent months sinking 10 million dollars into the Research and Development in hopes of getting company.

However, the Leverage team got involved and made the court case go in favor of Gloria Vargas much to the dismay of Tobey and her team.


Tobey Earnshaw is a ruthless businesswoman with only one goal in mind: buying her father's company for herself.

She cares little for others and is hellbent on getting the company even at the cost of ruining the lives of innocent people. She does not care for Quint or her team, simply regarding them as a means to an end.


  • Like Nate, Earnshaw is the possible brains/mastermind of the team as she's seen playing with a chess set with several pieces during the episode.
  • Fans may recognize Lauren Holly from her role in the TV series, "NCIS" where she played Director Jennifer "Jenny" Shepard.
  • Lauren Holly who plays Tobey Earnshaw previously worked with series regular Timothy Hutton (Nate Ford) when the two starred alongside each other in the 1996 movie, "Beautiful Girls".

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