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Title The Underground Job
Season 3
Episode 10
Airdate August 15, 2010
Written by Melissa Glenn & Jessica Rieder
Directed by Marc Roskin
Guests Bruce Davison
Annie Fitzgerald
Colton Lasater
Timothy Whitcomb
Previous episode The Three-Card Monte Job
Next episode The Rashomon Job
Episode list Season 3
We're gonna convince him you're a lying, greedy bitch.

Nathan Ford

In the wake of a fatal mine explosion, Nate's avenging outlaws go underground - literally. They inch into the coal mines of West Virginia to stop perilous business practices, only to unearth information that affects everyone in the community.

Notable OrganizationsEdit

  • Blackwell Mining Corporation
  • Carver's Cafe
  • West Virginia State Police
  • Tomorrow's Women


  • Daniel Blackwell
  • West Virginia Attorney General Debra Pierce
  • Clark (Mine Supervisor)


  • Troy Owens
  • Cory


Notable LocationsEdit

Cons and Scams UsedEdit



  • Coltan


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