The Smash and Grab is a con/scam that has been mentioned several times in the television series Leverage.


A smash and grab raid or smash and grab attack (or simply a smash and grab) is a particular form of burglary. The distinctive characteristic of a smash and grab, that distinguishes it from other forms of burglary, is its elements of speed and surprise. A smash and grab involves smashing a barrier, usually a display window in a shop or a showcase, grabbing valuables, and then making a quick getaway, without concern for setting off alarms or creating noise. A failed smash and grab raid is indistinguishable from simple vandalism, or malicious damage.

Episodes MentionedEdit

Season 3Edit


  • Parker usually mentions the Smash and Grab, probably because it is a burglary technique. But the Leverage Consulting & Associates Team never actually executes a Smash and Grab in any of their cons.
  • Grifters like Sophie frown on the use of the Smash and Grab, because it falls outside of a grifter's skill-set.


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