You're talking about stopping a terrorist attack in an afternoon.

— Hardison

Eliot, Parker and Hardison are in Washington, D.C. for a job, when Eliot gets a call from a former comrade-in-arms. Eliot, Parker, and Hardison soon find themselves working to thwart a biological terrorist attack of epidemic proportions.

The ClientEdit

Colonel Vance

There's a time for sneaking around, my brother, and a time for droppin' an attack chopper full of pissed-off 19-year-olds in full body armor on somebody.

And we have reached that appointed hour.

— Colonel Vance

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Washington DC

The ConEdit

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Episode NotesEdit

  • Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman) and Nathan Ford (Timothy Hutton) are not seen in this episode.
  • There is no con per se in this episode. Parker, Eliot and Hardison find themselves in an uncharacteristic action/adventure race against time.
  • Eliot gets shot twice in this episode.
  • The Airmen guarding the vault do not have USAF-SF tags/badges.
  • The Senate hearing in the beginning of the episode is:
    • Correct about CIA operations on US soil, except the Patriot Act and the Interagency Co-operations act allows CIA to survail and operate in US borders in the effort of an overseas action, however this must be verified by the FISA court.
    • The hearing itself would have been a FISA hearing, under the Senate Subcommittee on Intelligence, and not an open forum as seen in the episode.
    • A Military command would not have been in charge of the effort, Colonel Michael Vance shows no metal or service designation for ether DIA, CENTCOM, NSA, or the Joint Chiefs. However, in the next scene, he shows up in Civilian Dress, bearing a Homeland Security badge.
  • The vault seen at the beginning that Eliot, Parker and Hardison break into was being guarded by Castleman Security, which was first seen in Season 1- The Homecoming Job.


  • Adam Baldwin previously appeared with actors Christian Kane (Angel) and Tim Hutton (Ordinary People). He has a long-standing relationship with Dean Devlin that dates back to their appearances in My Bodyguard, which established Baldwin as a rising young actor; Baldwin subsequently appeared in two films produced by Devlin, The Patriot and Independence Day.
  • The subway sequence was filmed at the Portland MAX Washington Park station, the only underground station of the Portland MAX network. At 260 feet below ground, this is the deepest transit station in North America, and one of the deepest in the world.

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