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Title The Real Fake Car Job
Season 5
Episode 7
Airdate September 2, 2012
Written by Josh Schaer
Directed by John Harrison
Guests Matthew Lilliard
Ion Overman
Scott Morgan
Previous episode The D. B. Cooper Job
Next episode The Broken Wing Job
Episode list Season 5
You mean we got to run over there and get in the car, drive through a gunfight, and and pray that it's bulletproof like the Batmobile?

— Hardison


The team must convince a Wall Street con artist to break an immunity deal by luring him in using a fake antique car.

The ClientEdit

Kyle Davis, one of multiple victims of Gabe Erickson's stock market scam. Erickson took the client's money, and instead of investing it, he was laundering it with Don Paolo Brancato's mob.

The MarkEdit

Gabe Erickson is wall Street businessman under immunity protection from the United States Marshals Service. He is in witness protection under the identity "Jim Cole" to protect him from Don Paolo Brancato and the mob.


The ConEdit

To get to Erickson's hidden money, the team has to trick Erickson to buy a highly desired 1934 Packard 1101 Coupe.

Guest CastEdit

  • Ion Overman - Marshall Ellie Rose
  • Scott Michael Morgan - Don Paolo Brancato
  • Matthew Lillard - Gabe Erickson a.k.a. Jim Cole
  • Richard Carmen - Charlie Bosko

Episode NotesEdit

  • Erickson's strategy of establishing mob ties as a get-out-of-jail-free-card makes him similar to Eddie Maranjian, the mark from the season 2 episode The Order 23 Job.


Episode MediaEdit

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