The O'Hare Family is one of the three Irish crime families in Boston. They appear in the television series Leverage.


There was some kind of act of smuggling that happened in the previous autumn, down by the docks. Apparently, Mark Doyle helped the O'Hare family out by suggesting the merchandise be moved in cigar boxes. Until "The Bottle Job", the Boston Police Department was struggling with the case.
About the same time, Glenn Leary worked with the O'Hare's in a scam where the mob would take out bad loans, bankrupting First Boston Independent Bank, which would then get bailed out by the Federal Government. This scam was unearthed by the Leverage Consulting & Associates team, and stopped by the Massachusetts State Police through the investigation of Patrick Bonanno.

In some cases the three crime families worked together, and a dangerous piece of evidence fell into the hands of the Boston Police Department. It was an accounting ledger which could indict each of the families. Jimmy Ford stole the ledger from the Organized Crime Division of the Boston PD Ninth District, in hopes to get in good graces with the three families. His plan was a success until Nathan Ford suggested to the families that Jimmy was going to blackmail them with the ledger. This forced Jimmy to leave town.




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