The Mummy's Tiara is a con that is used in the television series Leverage.


In countries like England, there are often lost hereditary titles. The idea of the con is to acquire the title through the introduction of a fake relic linking the con-artist to the lost title.

Sophie Devereaux suggests that this con is next to impossible in countries with an existing hereditary monarchy.

Use in LeverageEdit

In "The King George Job", Leverage Consulting & Associates uses this con to buy John Douglas Keller's confidence, so he would perform a job for Sophie and Nate. The fake artifact is the Private Journal of the Mistress of King George III, which is manufactured by Alec Hardison, and sold at an auction at Claridge's Auction House, and bought by Keller.

The plan is for Keller to use the artifact to gain one of the Lost Baronies of England.



When Keller tries to travel to Rome with the book in his possession, he is stopped and arrested by customs when it is discovered that actual stolen artifacts (17th century Russian icons) are in his possession. He was unaware of this because the artifact was the top to the box that housed the Book, as well as finding out the book is a fake.

Through the sale at the auction, Hardison is able to trace the payment, and find out where Keller's money is hidden, leading the team to Mark Vector and Slapshot Industries, and one step closer to finding their real target Damien Moreau.

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