The Italian or "The mysterious Italian woman" is a member of an unknown organization who helped the Leverage team bring down Damien Moreau. "The Italian" is played by Elisabetta Canalis.


The Italian is a mysterious European woman who blackmailed Nathan Ford and the Leverage Consulting & Associates team to apprehend Damien Moreau. The Italian, as she is referred to by Nate and the team, is not as openly ruthless as Sterling but is just as calculating and self-serving. Nate eventually gets out under her thumb during "The Morning After Job" only for her to reveal later she planned it that way to keep her hands clean.

She reappears during the first part of the season finale "The Big Bang Job" to tell Nate that Damien Moreau is coming to town. She also appears as Eliot and Hardison are leaving after meeting Moreau. They realize their cover maybe blown when the apparent meet is a trap and they find her taped to a chair after being interrogated. She reveals she was working under cover for her organization. They escape the warehouse after a major battle and track Moreau who escapes after wounding her. As she is being placed in an ambulance she thanks Nate for saving her life. Nate says she would have done the same, but she replies "No." She tells Nate he is free and clear. Nate tells her the job isn't done. She asks what is Nate going to do. He replies, "Finish The Job," and the Leverage team walks off.

Nate later calls the Italian to help get the team into the country to which Moreau has escaped. She is also present when Moreau is finally locked away in a San Lorenzo prison cell and gladly shuts the door in Moreau's face before heading for the lift.

In "The San Lorenzo Job", it is understood she is no longer blackmailing the Leverage team, and Nathan Ford is no longer a wanted man.


Season 3Edit


  • It is currently unknown what organization the Italian works for, but it appears to have jurisdiction over both U.S. federal law and state law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Her authority was at least sufficient to grant Nathan Ford immunity from his prison sentence and subsequent escape in "The Jailhouse Job," as well as to get work visas for the crew and clear them through customs when they went to San Lorenzo in "The San Lorenzo Job".

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