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Title The Gimme a K Street Job
Season 5
Episode 5
Airdate August 19, 2012
Written by Jeremy Bernstein
Directed by Jonathan Frakes
Guests Danielle Busutti
Steve Rankin
Previous episode The French Connection Job
Next episode The D. B. Cooper Job
Episode list Season 5
I love government. Shady deals, back-room meetings; it's grifter paradise.


The team must go up against Congress to stop a competitive cheerleading company that puts its students at risk.

The ClientEdit

An injured cheerleader named Marcie and her coach, Heather Cornell, who want cheerleading to be made safer for the cheerleaders.

The MarkEdit

PEP Athletics and their CEO Wendy Barron, who control competitive cheerleading and write the safety standards to be inexpensive, but do not protect the participants.


The action takes place in Washington DC, in Congress and at PEP's cheerleading camp prior to a competiton.

The ConEdit

The main con is to get Congress to pass a law making cheerleading a sport, not an activity, since as a sport, proper safety standards can be imposed.

Episode Notes Edit

this Episode involves Parker caring about other people,

Guest CastEdit


  • The legality alerts that Hardison puts on Pep companies are actually just strings of random words.

Episode MediaEdit

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