The Dagger of Aqu'abi (pronounced AH-koo AH-bee) is a valuable artifact which was featured in the Leverage episode The Rashomon Job.


The The Dagger of Aqu'abi was crafted in the 10th century. It is decorated with gold filigree, and is set with four emeralds and six rubies. A gift from the Shah of Persia to a sultan, it eventually became the property of the Boston Museum of Art & Antiquities. On the night of the theft, it was on display as part of an exhibition of the museum's antiquities.

The Rashomon JobEdit

The Rashomon Job tells the story of the theft of the dagger through the eyes of each of the team members. In one night, in 2005, the dagger passed through the hands of Sophie, Eliot, Parker and Hardison, each working alone, while Nate and a museum guard protect it.

The story of the Dagger of Aqu'abi is a story of two daggers, the real one and a fake. The real dagger was never on display. Instead, the plan was for the fake dagger to be stolen, and for I.Y.S. to cover the loss, while the real dagger was sold on the black market.

  • Sophie, posing as a Duchess Alexia of Barrington Highsworth, a museum patron, and as Dr. Ipcress, an employee in the restoration room ran a four month con, and made her attempt to steal the dagger by secretly shipping the object from the museum in Boston, to her hands in London. Before the dagger leaves the museum...
  • Eliot, posing as a patron, security guard, and transport driver, intercepts the package, and attempts to steal the object by acquiring the armored truck that will transport the dagger. Before the dagger is loaded on the truck...
  • Hardison, posing as a patron, hacks into the museum inventory and flags the dagger for storage instead of delivery. The dagger is placed in storage in the museum vault where...
  • Parker, posing as waitstaff at the event, observes the scene, and steals the dagger from the vault. With the dagger in her possession, Parker attempts to make an exit, but an impromptu meeting with the head of security in the ventilation system causes her to fall and lose the dagger where...
  • The dagger literally falls into the hands of I.Y.S. Insurance investigator Nate, who was in place to oversee the coverage of said dagger. He quickly discovers the displayed dagger is a fake, and uncovers the plot of the museum.

Nate then takes the dagger, as a property of I.Y.S., reporting it as a loss, to set a sting for the dealer, Mr. Gutman, who hired Eliot for these jobs as well as others in the past.

Currently, the real dagger is the property of Nigel Hayton, the CEO of Baron Oil. At the end of the episode The Rashomon Job, the team expresses an interest in stealing the dagger again, which Nate reluctantly agrees to.

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