When you spend most of your time getting inside the minds of bad people, looking for their flaws and their weaknesses, it's pretty much all you see... in everyone.

— Nate

  Nate becomes obsessed with the legendary D.B. Cooper when a dying FBI agent's request puts him on the trail.

The ClientEdit

  • Special Agent Todd McSweeten, the team's occasional FBI contact, and his father, Special Agent Pete McSweeten. The elder McSweeten was the case officer on the original D. B. Cooper investigation, and spent the remainder of his career investigating the case. Working with him were his partners, Reggie Wilkins and Steve Reynolds, the husband of the flight attendant on the infamous flight.

The MarkEdit

  • D. B. Cooper, the infamous hijacker of Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305.
  • Oliver Schmitt (delayed)


The ConEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Sean Cook (Dale Stanton) FBI agent that goes head to head with McSweeten.
  • Ronny Cox (Pete McSweeten): Agent McSweeten's dying father
  • Gerald Downey (Todd McSweeten): An FBI special agent determined to grant his father's dying wish
  • Fred Ward (Steve Reynolds): McSweeten's partner.

Episode NotesEdit

  • D. B. Cooper (aka Dan Cooper)
    gained notoriety and status as a folk hero in the days following November 24, 1971, when he hijacked Northwest Orient Airlines Flt. 305 from Portland, OR to Seattle, WA, parachuted from the plane with $200,000 and disappeared. To date, he has never been found, and the FBI believes it was unlikely he could have survived the jump from the plane. The only evidence of Cooper ever found was $5,800 of the ransom money, which was discovered along the Columbia River in February 1980.


  • Northwest Orient Airlines later became known as Northwest Airlines before it was purchased by Delta Airlines, which took over its routes, in 2008. It ceased to operate as a brand in 2010.
  • The hijacker actually used the name "Dan Cooper", but a media miscommunication caused the name "D. B. Cooper" to come into common usage, despite having no actual connection with the case.

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