Flag of San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is a fictional country used in the television series Leverage.


San Lorenzo is a small country, formerly a British colony, which became independent in 1969. Since the initial open elections, the country became more of a tyranny under President Ribera. Since Damien Moreau bought the election for Ribera, Moreau has his thumb on the government, allowing it to be a safe haven for himself and his ill-gotten assets.


  • San Lorenzo Parliament
  • San Lorenzo International Airport
  • Channel Six News

Notable FiguresEdit

  • President Edwin Ribera
  • General Lawrence Flores
  • Michael Vittori


  • Rebecca Ibanez

Notable LocationsEdit

  • The Tombs
  • The Parliament
  • San Lorenzo International Airport

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • San Lorenzo is Italian for Saint Lawrence.

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