Year Event Source Notes
1988 Child Parker in Camden, Illionois sees a man in a horse suit kill a clown at a birthday party The Two-Horse Job
1989 Child Parker in Kansas City blows up foster home after stealing back stuffed bunny The Nigerian Job
1994/95 Eight year-old Hardison went door to door with Jehova’s Witness foster mom The Juror Number Six Job
1997 Sophie does the Copenhagen job with Starke The Two Live Crew Job
1998 Sophie does the Berlin Polytech job with Starke The Two Live Crew Job
1998 Sophie stole David maquette from Vatican The First David Job
1998 Nate and Sophie see each other for the first time The Mile High Job
1998 Parker tries to lift Archie Leach's wallet and is taken in by him to be trained The Inside Job Parker’s age here does not match her age as depicted in flashbacks in “The Nigerian Job” and  “The Two Horse Job”
1998 Twelve year-old Hardison hacks Pentagon servers The Rundown Job Does not match Hardison-computer-crime timeline from:
“The Nigerian Job”
“The Scherezade Job”
“The 10 L'il Grifters Job"
2000 Eliot sees Aimee for the last time in 8 years because he doesn't come home (due to being captured and interrogated about the sapphire monkey) and she, tired of his frequent absenses, marries someone else The Two-Horse Job
2000 Eliot "liberates Croatia” after Aimee marries someone else The Wedding Job Unsure what historical event is being referred to here.
2000 Sophie introduces herself to Nate and they offically meet The Mile High Job
2000 Fourteen year-old Hardison stops playing the violin because he discovers computers The Scheherazade Job
2001 Sophie and Nate shoot each other in Paris The Nigerian Job
2002 Eliot allegedly fought a man with a Nerf sword in Damacus The Cross My Heart Job
2002 Fifteen year-old Hardison attends the Academy Awards for the first time and sees Halle Berry win The Ten L'il Grifters Job
2003 Hardison steals Mick Jagger’s identity and goes to Las Vegas The Nigerian Job
2003 Parker steals a Carvaggio in Paris The Nigerian Job
2005 Eliot defeats a room full of armed men to retrive a baseball card in Belgrade, Seria - he doesn't spill his coffee The Nigerian Job
2005 In Boston, Sophie, Hardison, Eliot and Parker all attempt to steal the dagger of Aqu'abi at the same time; Nate is at the same event investigating other thefts from the museum The Rashomon Job
2006 Nate's son, Sam, dies The Miracle Job

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