Monica Hunter is a journalist who hosts her own program titled Hunt for the Truth, a program where she builds her rating and popularity by destroying the reputations of innocent people by using manipulated facts, embarrassing footage of the subject in question and then brings on an "expert" to make it all sound perfect.

Despite this, Hunter seeks respect but her show has made her the laughing stock among serious journalists and has presumably ruined her reputation. A program she did on a school bus crash that killed two children clearly painted one man, Ray Pennington as the man responsible. This left Pennington so distraught he attempted to commit suicide but his daughter, Sarah saved him and begged the Leverage team to get involved in hopes of restoring her father's good name.

The team eventually succeeded in doing just that and managed to make it look like Hunter had suffered a psychotic break which resulted in her being taken into custody and then sent to a mental hospital for treatment.

It's presumed that this left Hunter's already-ruined reputation shattered or rather destroyed beyond any hope of ever being restored. Her downfall meant that Ray Pennington and the other victims Hunter had painted as evil or wrong-doers had their good reputations finally restored.

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