Mitchell Kirkwood is a character from the television series Leverage.


Mitchell Kirkwood is a record producer and CEO of Kirkwood Records in Memphis. He started off his career as an artist but only released one song. He thought to himself "why be the cow when you can be the farmer?" so he took all the money he made from it and funnelled it into his record company and carved a nice, little kingdom in the country-music world. Since he started it up there have been a number of lawsuits filed against him and his company but judging by the amount that are dropped within days it seems he has forced a lot of them settle out of court, usually with the help of a couple of thugs.

The day Kaye Lynn Gold was born, her mother said Kaye looked at her, smiled, and asked, "Which way to music city?" Music was Kaye's and her brother's life. Mitchell has a reputation for being a nasty piece of work as he owns a record label he is the "shot at stardom" for a lot of people. Mitchell hired them to write songs for his more established artists. It was good money plus royalties so they thought they had hit the jackpot. But when it came time to pay, Mitchell showed them the fine print. He charged them rent to park in his lot and even charged for the pens they used. He owns their publishing. Their songs were good and did well so before they knew it Mitchell owed them hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties. They confronted him but instead of paying them he offered to record their album in his studio for free and said he would get them a spot on "Saddles & Spurs", a big music festival in Memphis. However, when he heard the album he decided it was too good to waste on a couple of unknowns so he stole the digital master. He found out they went to see a lawyer about it so he and a couple of thugs went round to their house and beat her brother up. Doctors say her brother will be lucky if he ever moves his fingers again. What Mitchell did was more than wrong; it was cruel.

The song that Mitchell released that made him famous was actually sung by a guy called Jesse Jenkins. Mitchell released the song just with a pitch adjustment so that it wouldn't sound like Jesse. It is the real reason why he didn't release a second song as he didn't actually sing the first one. Jenkins sued him for Copyright infringement, harassment, fraud; the whole nine yards. Those charges were not formally dropped and they didn't go to court because Jesse was killed. As the circumstances were suspicious Kirkwood was implicated but never charged.


  • Kirkwood Records
  • Saddlebag Saloon


Season 3Edit


  • Mitchell Kirkwood is portrayed by John Schneider

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