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Michael Vance
MichaelVance RundownJob


Michael Vance


Special forces colonel

First Appearance

The (Very) Big Bird Job

Latest Appearance

The Rundown Job

Played by

Adam Baldwin

There's a time for sneaking around, my brother, and a time for droppin' an attack chopper full of pissed-off 19-year-olds in full body armor on somebody. And we have reached that appointed hour.

— Colonel Vance to Eliot in The Rundown Job

Michael Vance is a United States Army Special Operations officer tasked with counter-terrorism operations, who was formerly Eliot's commanding officer. Between Seasons 4 and 5, he and Eliot infiltrate a foreign missile site as seen in a flashback. Later he works with Eliot, Hardison, and Parker to foil a terror attack on Washington, DC. He is known for putting together unique special joint teams together that usually comprise of  multiple intelligence, law enforcement, and Special Forces operatives of which Eliot was a part of for an undisclosed period of time.

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