The Massachusetts State Police is the primary law enforcement agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is often featured in the television series Leverage


After Leverage Consulting & Associates moves its operations to Boston, they are quick to meet the MSP (as they are investigating a case involving the The O'Hare Family and First Boston Independent Bank, that Nathan stumbles into.) Afterward, the MSP is never too far away, and often useful in handling the final law enforcements matters after Nathan Ford and Company are finished with a con.

Additionally, Nathan and the team will often impersonate MSP officers and detectives during a con.

Known MembersEdit

Organized Crime Division Edit

Others Edit

  • Detective Marlowe - Alias used by Nathan Ford.
  • Detective Archer - Alias used by Sophie Devereaux.
  • Officer Williams - Alias used by Parker.
  • Officer Pierce - Alias used by Hardison.
  • Unnamed Officer - Alias used by Eliot.


Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit

Other Uses in Leverage Edit

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