Mark Vector is the owner of Slapshot Investments as well as Damien Moreau's investment manager. Vector trades on his career as a professional hockey player to draw in clients who were his fans. Despite being known for being a slick financial manager, he built his company up by making shady or illegal investments and by managing Damien Moreau's international investments.

Hardison establishes the link between Vector and Moreau in The King George Job. When one of Vector's clients, Curtis, who has lost all his money accuses Vector of fraud, he batters Curtis. Curtis approaches Nathan Ford and the Leverage team, who takes him as a client. By that time, Vector is a witness before a federal Grand Jury, which he agrees to in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

Nate realizes Vector is the route to Moreau's account numbers, which he can use against Moreau. To gain access to the numbers, the team runs The Cuban Sandwich con, convincing Vector that, in a drunken episode, he has killed Alice White (played by Parker) and must make a new immunity deal with a federal prosecutor (played by Sophie) in return for telling everything he knows about Moreau. During this time, Moreau's men try to kill Vector, and he panics.

After a break down while testifying before the Grand Jury, Vector incriminates himself and is arrested. Nathan is able to obtain Moreau's investment accounts by cloning Vector's phone, and uses them to frame Moreau in The Big Bang Job.

Slapshot InvestmentsEdit

Slapshot investments was founded by Mark Vector after he retired from playing professional hockey and was in reality one giant scam. Mark Vector used his success as a hockey player to create this company where he traded in on his celebrity and ripped off his hockey fans. He also used the company to hide and funnel money for various criminal organizations including Boston mob bosses and Damien Moreau.

Slapshot Investments came under federal indictment when one of Vector's hockey fans, whose life savings was stolen, reported his scam to the SEC. Nate seized control of Slapshot Investments' accounts after running the Cuban Sandwich con on Vector and stealing his phone. Slapshot Investments had data on many of Damien Moreau's accounts which Nate uses to take him down.

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