Logan International Airport is a business which appears in the television series Leverage.


General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport in the East Boston neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, United States (and partly in the Town of Winthrop, Massachusetts), is one of the 20 busiest airports in the U.S., with over 26 million passengers a year. The airport serves as a focus city for AirTran Airways, American Airlines, and JetBlue Airways. Retail management is provided by BAA, a British company for Terminals B and E, and Westfield Group of Australia for Terminals A and C.

It covers 2,384 acres (965 ha), has six runways, and employs an estimated 16,000 people. The airport has service to destinations in the United States, as well as Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, and Mexico. The distinctive central control tower, nearly a dozen stories high, is a local landmark with its pair of segmented elliptical pylons and a six-story platform trussed between them.

Boston Logan Airport is the 12th busiest airport in the USA based on international traffic. This is mainly because of the lack of variety of international departures throughout other New England airports. In 2005, it handled 3,902,000 international passengers. Logan is the largest airport in New England. Currently New England’s largest transportation center, Logan ranks 20th in the nation in passenger volume and 19th in flight movements, employs approximately 16,000 direct workers and stimulates the New England regional economy by approximately $7.6 billion per year, generating $559.4 million in state and local tax receipts.

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