Let's steal a...
Said in nearly every episode, this phrase represents the moment when the team has to pull a new job in order to pull their original job. Sometimes this secondary job is actually bigger or harder to accomplish, but is absolutely necessary to complete the overall mission. Usually said by Nate.

A single-word response, usually used ironically, that when phrased as a question, disbelief about a situation, akin to "you've got to be kidding!" The members of Leverage Consulting & Associates use it among themselves as a friendly jibe or a signal of disbelief.

  • On the DVD commentary for The Lost Heir Job, John Rogers noted that when Tara Cole was being developed, the writers discussed the point at which she would be allowed to say "Seriously?" to signal acceptance by Nate's crew.

You're adorable!
Used when one of the team is amused by the actions of another. It often signals that the team member using it finds another individual a bit naive or innocent. The line was first used by Hardison in response to Sheriff Hastings thought that chupacabras are urban legends in The Bank Shot Job.

Its a VERY distinctive ...

Elliot recognises special forces members from around the world often by a seemingly normal item, a hair cut or a pair of shoes, pointing out that they are 'Very distinctive'.

It's a Glenn-Reeder...

Glenn-Reeder is the (fake) name used for many of the security systems the team encounters, whether it's a simple safe or a complex multi-layered security system. Parker has a special affinity for certain models.

Iconic itemsEdit

Orange soda and gummy frogs appear in several episodes, sometimes even being used as part of the job.

Nate's portrait painted by Hardison appears as a running gag through all seasons

Film, television and music referencesEdit

Doctor Who - The team frequently use aliases referencing actors or characters on the show.

Star Trek / Star Wars - An ongoing battle between Hardison's geek culture and Spencer's lack of appreciation for it, causes multiple references both to Star Trek and Star Wars. Hardison is especially offended when Parker states a preference for "CGI Yoda".

The Rockford Files - The show served as inspiration for some elements of Leverage, particularly characters such as Jimmy Papadakalis and devices such as Nate's beating while in a chair in The Beantown Bailout Job.

Ghostbusters - Quotes from the movie franchise appear occasionally in Leverage episodes.

Hall and Oates - Appearances of Hall and Oates references is usually to signal something that is outdated, such as an old calendar.

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