A single-word response, usually used ironically, that when phrased as a question, disbelief about a situation, akin to "you've got to be kidding!" The members of Leverage Consulting & Associates use it among themselves as a friendly jibe or a signal of disbelief.

  • On the DVD commentary for The Lost Heir Job, John Rogers noted that when Tara Cole was being developed, the writers discussed the point at which she would be allowed to say "Seriously?" to signal acceptance by Nate's crew.

You're adorable!
Used when one of the team is amused by the actions of another. It often signals that the team member using it finds another individual a bit naive or innocent. The line was first used by Parker, in response to Maggie's assertion that records were confidential when Hardison hacks into museum system in The Second David Job.

Its a VERY distinctive ...

Elliot recognises special forces members from around the world often by a seemingly normal item, a hair cut or a pair of shoes, pointing out that they are 'Very distinctive'.

Iconic itemsEdit

Orange soda and gummy frogs

Nate's portrait painted by Harrison appears as a running gag through all seasons

Film, television and music referencesEdit

Doctor Who

Star Trek

The Rockford Files

The Rockford Files| is an American television drama series which was broadcast on NBC from September 13, 1974 to January 10, 1980. The show stars James Garner as Los Angeles-based private investigator James "Jim" Rockford. The show served as inspiration for some elements of Leverage, particularly characters such as Jimmy Papadakalis and devices such as Nate's beating while in a chair in The Beantown Bailout Job.


Hall and Oates

Darryl Hall and Jon Oates are an American pop music duo who achieved their greatest fame in the late 1970s and early to mid-1980s.

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