Larry Duberman is a character in the television series Leverage.


Larry Duberman literally wrote the work on digital database security. After becoming one of the largest software magnates, he moved his sites to international politics and hired his services and products to the government of Iran.


Schools AttendedEdit



  • Advanced Computer Security


Season 3Edit


After the Leverage Consulting & Associates team simulated his high school reunion, they were able to destroy "Manticore", and alert the FBI into Duberman's dealings. They even manged to save his life from Miranda Miles, an assassin paid to kill him. Shortly after, he was arrested.


  • Owns a yacht with a squash court, and a bowling alley.
  • Owns eight pools
  • Locker combination in high school was Left 33 Right 15 Left 06
  • All of his passcodes revolve around something during his High School days

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