FBI Special Agent Hagen

She smells like jasmine.

Agent McSweeten, The Wedding Job

Special Agent Hagen is an alias used by Parker in the television series "Leverage".


In an attempt to gain access to existing surveillance, Alec Hardison and Parker impersonate a pair of FBI agents, Agents Thomas and Hagen. They interact with Agents Taggert and McSweeten, as they coordinate the sting on Moscone Family.

Thinking the con was over, Hardison and Parker put their aliases away. But in Boston, while on the con they meet Taggert and McSweeten again, who are the FBI watch dogs on Leverage's mark, Daniel Fowler. Parker and Hardison quickly take on the aliases of Hagen and Thomas again. Nathan Ford is dumbfounded how Parker and Hardison stumble on the only two FBI agents who could identify them. It is in this encounter where McSweeten expresses his interest in Hagen, causing jealousy in both Taggert and Thomas, a.k.a. Hardison.

Then, as Leverage Consulting & Associates is working a new mark, Mark Vector, who is being handled by Special Agent McSweeten. Again, he recognizes Parker which forces Parker to resume her identity of Special Agent Hagen.

In an attempt to bring down Colin "Chaos" Mason, Parker again takes on the Hagen identity as the FBI is brought in. She explains that she is undercover, and helps the FBI in their arrest of Mason and his associates.

Parker's identity as Hagen is referenced again when helping Agent McSweeten in The D. B. Cooper Job.

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  • This is not the only FBI Alias that Parker uses. In "The Bank Shot Job", she uses the alias of FBI Special Agent Elmore.
  • It is likely a reference to Tom Hagen, the Corleone family's consigliere in The Godfather.

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