General Lawrence Flores, former General in the San Lorenzo military, is now a parliamentary representative and trusted advisor to Michael Vittori, the current president of San Lorenzo. During The San Lorenzo Job , Flores was the leading presidental candidate running against the corrupt incumbent president Edwin Ribera. He was in hiding because Ribera arrests his political opposition when Eliot contacted him to gain some intel on San Lorenzo. However, Eliot's call leads Damien Moreau, who is bankrolling Ribera, to Flores and got him and his people thrown in jail. Flores refers to Eliot as commander, implying they served together in the military. Eliot saved Flores' life 1.5 times (the .5 because Eliot was the one sent to kill him). Eliot and Parker rescue Flores and his people from the tombs, an underground prison beneath Parliament and Flores becomes part of the new Vittori administration upon release.

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