Father Paul is a character from the television series Leverage


Father Paul is a childhood best friend of Nathan Ford, both from Boston, Massachusetts. They attended Catholic Seminary together. While Nathan pursued other interests, Paul continued into the ministry, and was installed in the Los Angeles Saint Nicholas Church.

It was here where he baptized Sam Ford.


Nathan FordEdit

  • While Paul sees Nathan as a friend, he is both sad for and distrusts Nathan. Paul knew to the day of the funeral for Sam. If any character knows how much Nathan has changed, Paul knows the best.

Maggie CollinsEdit

  • Paul and Maggie still keep in contact, since her divorce with Nathan. Maggie was first informed to Paul's injuries before Nathan was.

Series AppearanceEdit

In "The Miracle Job", Maggie Collins learned that Paul was assaulted by a local gang, and suggested the Nathan look into it. Nathan discovered the plot of Andrew Grant to steal the church away to make room for a strip mall.

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