Edwin Ribera was the former president of San Lorenzo . He was a minor officer in the San Lorenzo security force when Damien Moreau decided to bankroll him and use his influence and money to buy him the presidency. In exchange, Ribera has to protect Moreau and do whatever he asks. After The Big Bang Job Moreau flees to San Lorenzo and orders Ribera to rewrite the banking laws so he can move his money there without having to do paperwork. At the time Ribera was running for re-election against General Flores with UN election inspectors monitoring the race. When Flores contacts the Leverage team Moreau and Ribera arrest him and threaten to kill him once the election is over. After Nate steals the election for Michael Vittori he convinces Ribera to arrest Moreau and seize his assets which he will get to keep as his "retirement package". Sending Moreau to prison is his last act as president before he concedes to Vittori.

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