The E.M.P. Gun is a piece of equipment used in the television series Leverage


Constructed by Alec Hardison. the device makes its first appearance in "The Boost Job" The E.M.P. Gun is a portable device that fires an focused E.M.P.(Electromagnetic Pulse) blast that can disable Electronics in it's firing range. When it's used primarily on vehicles the waves from the gun are capable of stopping any electrics from running for thirty minutes.

Upon seeing it being demonstrated on a limo driver's car during The Ho Ho Ho Job, Nate was impressed by the EMP gun, calling it "nice".

Its technology was also used in a device called The Ram's Horn, built by the Department of Defense, in "The Big Bang Job".

Featured EpisodesEdit

Season 3Edit


Inside ReferencesEdit

The E.M.P. Canon has been referenced to, twice, with separate inside references:

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