Dean Chesney is the CEO of an unnamed defense contractor and a wealthy millionaire who at some point began suffering from an unknown heart condition which in turn has left him at death's door and so physically weak that he has been confined to a hospital bed in his own home.

Taking matters into his own hands, Chesney had one of his men kidnap Tonya, the young daughter of a local nurse, Linda Johnson who was in possession of a human heart intended for a fifteen year old boy named Joshua Spin in exchange for gaining possession of the heart.

Thankfully, Nate Ford, leader of the Leverage Consulting & Associates team saw what was going on and he and his team intervened, resulting in the little girl being reunited with her mother and the heart going to its original target.

Nate, on the other hand, took the case personally and made two calls to Chesney, the first promising to kill him after Nate destroyed everything Chesney owned and the second to later inform the millionaire that as a result of Chesney's own actions that Nate was now keeping a close, personal eye on him.

Chsney's final fate is unknown but it's presumed that he succumbed to the effects of his heart condition and died.

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