Daniel Fowler is a character that appears on the television series Leverage.


Sometime before "The Fairy Godparents Job", Fowler operated a Ponzi Scheme, on the parents of the students of Dalton Academy; where his stepson Widmark attended. Fowler, an investment banker, worked with another parent Mark Sanford, in the scheme robbing clients and ended up stashing 20 million dollars, in offshore accounts, before the FBI arrested him. Fowler, was put under house arrest until his trial, and put under the guard of FBI Special Agents Taggert and McSweeten.

The Fairy Godparents JobEdit

Fowler was brought in as a member of the board of directors for the Boston Free Clinic, which was closed due to lack of funding. Leverage Consulting & Associates was brought in by nurse Kay Maher, who took up the task of finding Fowler's hidden cash. In the course of the case, Alec Hardison and Parker were forced to re-assume their identities of FBI Special Agents Thomas and Hagen, as "secret backup" to keep their cover with Taggert and McSweeten.


The con was successful, and the Leverage team was able to allow Fowler leaving his house so Hardison could identify not only the location of the money, but the identity of Fowler's accomplice, Mark Sanford, who was arranging Fowler's escape to Bogota, Columbia. Nathan Ford was able to arrange for both Fowler and Sandford to be arrested by the FBI, and recover some of the money.


  • FTP Fidelity - Chief Executive Officer


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