Colin Saunders is the super power hungry and super paranoid CEO of Verd Agra, an agricultural company on every continent reaching millions of people’s lives. He has had a record long tenure as CEO due to being very good at staying at the top. He became CEO on April 6, 1994. Acquisitions is his favourite part of the business but ever since he reached the top, people have been trying to take things away from him. VerdAgra barely gets its hands on a new acquisition before a mole wants to take it away and is one of the reasons it spends more on security than most countries. The main vault is a vault within a vault; the outer vault is basically a huge freezer that will cause frostbite in anyone not dressed appropriately, and the main vault is a burn room covered by lasers and if the lasers are triggered either by a body breaking them or a button pushed in Saunders office then the thermite in the walls ignite burning anything in its path. Saunders is the only one with access to the burn room.

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