Charlie Lawson, the client in The Van Gogh Job, is an African-American WWII vet who found the lost Van Gogh while serving as a supply truck driver in France late in the war. After Owen, an obsessed former I.Y.S. Insurance investigator tracks the painting to him, Charlie is threatened by retrieval specialists looking for the painting. The Leverage team agrees to protect Charlie and look for the painting but he will only talk to Parker. He tells her the story of his lost love Dorothy and how he wanted to run away with her. He went to war to prove to her father that he was good enough for her and found the painting on the body of a German sniper he shot. He decides to use the painting to fund a trip to Paris for him and Dorothy so they can get away from her father and be together, but Dorothy backs out at the last moment. Charlie asks her to keep the painting safe for him and she does by hiding it in the organ at the roller rink. Nate finds the painting, thwarts Owen's attempts to steal it at gunpoint and gives it to Charlie who chooses to donate it to the Boston Museum. Before they leave, he gives Parker some advice because she reminds him of Dorothy, particularly given her relationship with Hardison. He urges her to not waste time; to seize the chance that he and Dorothy never got.

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