Chapman is the head of security of Damien Moreau.

He was a former professional contract killer until Moreau gave him a job in his network. When Chapman met Spencer at the pool, Eliot said to Chapman "they offered you the job," which implies Eliot was offered the job as head of security for Damien Moreau but refused. When Moreau had Eliot kill General Arterton, Chapman accompanied Eliot for the operation. Believing Arterton was dead, he reported to Moreau the mission was successful.

Later, when the Italian was captured by Moreau's moles in her organization, Chapman commanded Moreau's men to kill Ford, the Italian and Spencer. When the fight began, Ford and the Italian succeed to escape but Eliot stayed to kill Moreau's henchmen and Chapman himself. In the final minutes of the fight, Eliot succeeded in defeating all Moreau's henchmen, but Chapman surprised Eliot from behind, questioning Eliot's earlier statement that he "doesn't like guns". Eliot managed to shoot him before Chapman could react, killing him.