You're a thief, you're not a hitter.

Nathan Ford, The Inside Job

Archie Leach is a character that appeared in the television series, Leverage.


Known as the "World's Greatest Thief," Archie was notorious around the world, especially in Europe, as a master thief.

In New York City, New York, he meets a young pickpocket, Parker and took her as an apprentice. Eventually training her to become "his perfect thief."

At some point before Season 1, he met Nathan Ford in Majorca.

Before his appearance in Season 3, it is reported he died in a car accident in Paris, France.


The rest of Leverage Consulting & Associates team meets Leach when Parker secretly agrees to help him steal a bio-engineered wheat blight (UG99) from Wakefield Agricultural Corporation. When Leach learns of the double cross, he brings in the rest of the Leverage team in an effort to rescue Parker. After a successful mission, he later returns to assist the Leverage team in taking down Victor Dubenich and Jack Latimer by serving as Parker's back up.




The Name Archie Leach is a nod to Cary Grant, whose real name was Archibald Leach. Cary Grant starred as John Robie, a reformed jewel thief, in Alfred Hitchcock's thriller To Catch a Thief.