Dr. Anne Hannity is a Senior Vice President for Wakefield Agricultural and is in charge of the Research and Development department as well as running the Biotech division. She has a PhD in Agronomy from Stanford and an MBA from Harvard. Despite only graduating middle of her class in both, she has gotten to where she is in a Fortune 500 Company presumably, due to her ruthlessness.

Last year alone she spent $60 million and didn’t make Wakefield a dime. She should be on the front line begging to keep her job, yet when Sophie fired everyone she was the only one that remained calm. This is because in the last two years she had been working on a very secret project.

Five companies in the world control all the world’s agriculture worth trillions of dollars and they do it through wheat. The world’s entire food supply is founded on wheat. There is a blight called UG99, that is a variant of the black stem fungus native to Russia, which modern wheat has no immunity to. If this blight ever came to America then it would kill every wheat field it came across. With half the world’s food supply rotting in the fields Hannity doesn’t see this as a famine but as an opportunity. If UG99 ever hit then those five companies that control the food supply will spend billions to beat it. Whoever comes up with the solution will, most importantly for her, increase market share, and as a secondary affect also save lives. Hannity has gotten Wakefield ahead of the curve by having her team breed a strain of wheat that is totally immune to the UG99 blight and all its variants. Now, this super wheat is only of use to Wakefield if the blight hits so Hannity employed Archie Leach to break into Wakefield and steal a container of UG99. As her team would need to test their wheat over and over again against the blight to prove that it is immune she has a canister of the blight in her lab. She needs someone to steal it because she wants the blight to get out, kill the normal wheat, and cause a famine everywhere. It is a multibillion-dollar market ready for Wakefield to dominate. She is a ruthless monster.

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