The African Commercial Transport and Trade Initiative is a private business consortium, based in Nigeria. They are a fictional business which appears in the episode "The Nigerian Job", in the television series Leverage.


The ACTTI is an organization to encourage businesses and industry in Africa. They create jobs and trade in Africa and keep the graft and the stealing manageable. One avenue they are approaching is the Commercial Commuter Airline industry, which is why they approached Victor Dubenich and Bering Aerospace.


  • Babatunde (also spelled Bobatumbai)
  • Other Nigerian nationals
  • Anna Gunschtot - Alias used by Sophie Devereaux, also an alias for Bering Aerospace.


  • African Commercial Transport and Trade Initiative does not have an office in Chicago, but the Leverage team was able to fabricate one for their attempt on The Nigerian Scam on Victor Dubenich and Bering Aerospace.

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